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​June 30th - July 6th 2022

Immersive Musical Experience @ Shamrock

通过与“不靠谱”的朋友们在加州北部的大自然中“野豪”露营(glamping)一周, 您和您的孩子将亲身体验人类是怎样从石器时代围着篝火唱歌跳舞发展成每天目不转睛低头刷手机的这个样子... 在信息时代快节奏生活的今天,这种“不插电”的自然生活方式变成了一种难得的精神排毒,让我们在这个返璞归真的环境中重新认识自己和周围的朋友们。这个暑假, 欢迎您带着全家来到位于旧金山以北三小时车程的虚石牧场, 在17000 英亩的自然保护区里在享受美景的同时,一起通过音乐找到内心那个真正的自己!

This is a unique immersive music "glamping" experience brought to you by Bukaopu and hosted by Shamrock Ranch. During this week of quality time spent in nature with our bukaopu friends, you and your child/children will learn first hand how humans have evolved from cavemen who sat around a fire to sing and dance, to the urban-dwelling garbage-producing modern humans suffering smart-phone addictions that we have become today. This type of "unplugged" natural life-style has become a rare opportunity for spiritual detox in this day and age of fast-paced high-stress over-information. This summer, we welcome you to the 17000 acres of nature preservation land known as Shamrock Ranch, situated 3 hours drive north of San Francisco, to enjoy a week away from all the noise to immerse yourself in the joyous pursuit of music and self-discovery!


Song & Dance + Bow & Arrows


在这里,每天除了《不靠谱音乐野史》线下课堂, 合唱培训, 器乐进修等“不靠谱”音乐课之外, 我们的大小学员们和家长亲友团还可以参加骑马、射箭、手工、魔术等选修课...

Aside from the "Bukaopu Music History" in-person classes, choir practice, instrumental training etc., participants will also get a chance to take a variety of elective classes such as horseback riding, archery, arts and crafts, magic etc.

Luxury Glamping Experience

一日三餐的健康美食由虚石牧场特邀顶级私厨为大家精心烹饪。夜眠七尺在满天星斗下的“野奢版”露营帐篷里! 从饮食到住宿一切都由虚石牧场的专业团队为您精心安排好了!

Three meals a day will be prepared from fresh ingredients from the ranch and surrounding areas, prepared by our top personal chef catering to both east and western tastes, served exclusively to our camp by Shamrock ranch. And accommodations will be provided by the Shamrock team to ensure a top quality glamping experience!

Story Time Under The Milky Way

每晚在星空下围着篝火唱歌讲故事也是创作和排练的过程, 经过一周的露营,我们将于最后晚呈现出一台“不靠谱沙龙”,把音乐、歌声和欢笑打包成最珍贵的回忆留给未来的我们...

Songs and stories around the camp fire under the stars every night is also the creative process for the final "Bukaopu Salon" which we will present on the last evening. Using music, songs and laughter to capture this most precious experience for our future selves to reminisce.



Registration Information 注册信息

The camp tuition includes 7 days 6 nights lodging in our luxury glamping tents, freshly prepared healthy meals three times a day made by our specialty chef, 5 hours of music classes/day, instruments to take home + elective activities such as horseback riding, archery, magic classes, arts and crafts etc.  




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Members' Family Package 会员家庭套餐

For members of Bukaopu Salon, students of "Bukaopu Music History" online course and immediate family members, we are offering a family package for $4499.00/two parents + one child.

This package can be upgraded to include two parents + two children  for an additional fee of $500.00, So for only $4999.00 your family of 4 can share this experience together!

我们对“不靠谱沙龙“会员和《不靠谱音乐野史》的学员以及直系亲属开设了一款家庭套餐为 $4499.00/两个家长 + 一个孩子 的“三人行”套餐。

若有需要,加$500.00就可以把这个套餐升级为两个家长 + 两个孩子,这样只需$4999.00​你们一家四口就可以一起分享这个特殊的体验!

$4499.00/two parents + one child 两个家长 + 一个孩子

$4999.00​/two parents + two children 两个家长 + 两个孩子


Upon request, for an additional $500, each family can have a room in the main house with their own private bathroom and shower.

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There are a total of 12 tents available for this exclusive immersive music experience. Space is very limited and we operate on a first come first serve basis. Please register with us early to ensure your spot!



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